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Phantom Retractable Screens

Are you looking for a unique and affordable feature that goes well beyond the usual home improvement projects? Phantom Screens from Triangle Construction & Remodeling are simple, convenient additions that can revolutionize the way you use your home.

Open Up to Nature with Phantom Screens

Wouldn’t you love opening your doors and windows or relaxing on your porch without clouds of buzzing insects and overpowering sunlight? With innovative Phantom Screens, you can do exactly that. Phantom Screens are retractable screens that keep out insects and harsh glares without limiting visibility or airflow. Unlike traditional screens, they can be easily deployed or retracted at a moment’s notice. The professionals at Triangle Construction & Remodeling can install Phantom Screens virtually anywhere, allowing you to:

  • Enjoy the fresh air without any pesky bugs
  • Let in natural light while keeping out glare and UV radiation
  • Block solar heat to keep your home cooler in the summer

Reimagine Your Doors and Windows

At Triangle Construction & Remodeling, we have Phantom mesh screens designed to accommodate nearly any door or window in your home. Whether it’s a small casement window in your kitchen or French doors that open to your patio, we’ve got you covered. Every screen we install is engineered to be as discreet, unobtrusive, and customizable as possible.

As an authorized retailer, all of our Phantom screen systems are skillfully installed by experienced, factory-trained specialists. We offer a variety of installation options to customize your screen and ensure a seamless fit. Additionally, a variety of mesh weaves lets you choose exactly how much air and sunlight you’d like to block.

Take Full Advantage of Your Porch or Garage

What good is having a porch if obnoxious insects keep you from fully enjoying it? Traditional mesh screens can offer some protection, but permanent screens can be inconvenient and are often not very attractive. With Phantom Screens, you’re free to decide when you need protection and when you don’t. As an added bonus, you can choose from a wide range of finishes and materials to perfectly match your existing decor.

A Phantom Screen can even turn your garage into a fantastic place to relax and enjoy some fresh air. With a screen in place, you can leave your garage door open with no fear of pesky bugs or damaging UV rays. We can even install a motorized screen to help you enjoy comfort and protection at the push of a button.

From keeping away insects to boosting your home’s cooling efficiency, Phantom screens offer proven performance. Explore the possibilities today by calling the authorized installers at Triangle Construction & Remodeling.

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