New Doors in Sunbury, PA

4 Signs You Need New Doors for Your Home in Sunbury, PA

November 29, 2021

Doors serve an essential function in your Sunbury, PA home by improving curb appeal and protecting your property. Doors have a lifespan that can depend on the kind of abuse you expose them to and how frequently you use them. If you notice any of the following issues with your doors, it’s a sign you need to start shopping for new ones.

1. Sticking or Squeaking

When your door starts sticking or squeaking, it could be due to old age or damage from worn-out hinges or moisture that seeps into the wood. The issue is likely to worsen as time goes, so it’s best to replace a squeaking or sticking door. It’s time to think of a door replacement if the squeaking noise is too loud or you struggle to open it.

2. You Have Drafts

Drafts are a telltale sign you are due for a door replacement. The seals around your door age over the years, so they begin to crack or shrink, and you might notice that your home is getting colder than usual. If that happens, you need to call the experts for a door installation service to make your home more energy-efficient.

3. Scrapes on the Floor

If your new door scrapes the floor when opening or closing it, you might need a replacement. Old doors can also wrap or sag over time and damage the floor when opening and closing them. Warping can result from moisture exposure, so it’s best to hire a pro to replace it and protect your floor from further damage.

4. The Type of Door Becomes Obsolete

An obsolete door no longer serves its purpose in a modern home because new door styles are more energy-efficient. If your door is becoming outdated, the best solution is to replace it with a more functional door. A modern door improves curb appeal and your home’s security.

It may be time to look around for a replacement door if you notice any of the above signs. Ensure that you hire an expert for professional door replacement. Whether looking for new windows or doors, don’t hesitate to contact Triangle Construction & Remodeling today for affordable and top-notch services.


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