CNew Countertop in Trevorton, PA

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a New Countertop in Trevorton, PA

October 1, 2021

Kitchen countertops are among the functional surfaces in homes. Choosing the right countertop for your Trevorton, PA home can make a difference when remodeling your kitchen. Here is a guideline to help you choose the perfect kitchen countertop.


Since the appearance of the countertop is essential, choose one that complements your kitchen style. You can choose granite or other materials if you want a natural look in your kitchen. Choose the countertop that gives your home the aesthetic value you desire.


You need to select a countertop material that can match your daily kitchen activities like cooking or entertaining guests. For instance, if you love baking, a marble countertop would be ideal, and if you chop meat or vegetables, a built-in cutting board is perfect. You don’t want to replace the countertop a few years later because it couldn’t withstand the usage.


Before settling on a countertop, understand the required maintenance practices. Some countertops require sealing procedures to prevent bacteria and stain accumulation, while others don’t need sealing. Talk to a professional to understand the maintenance practices for each countertop to make an informed decision.


Different countertop materials have varying durability levels, depending on how you use your kitchen. Some are durable and can withstand heat, scratches, and wear, while others have a low tolerance to stains and heat. If your kitchen has a lot of traffic, it’s best to choose a highly durable countertop material.

Your Budget

Some countertops are expensive to purchase, install and maintain and vice versa. Try choosing countertops that fall within a realistic budget. You can talk to an expert to get advice on high-quality countertops within your budget.

By using these tips, you can create a functional and appealing kitchen space. It’s best to see the material and work with a kitchen expert for advice and professional installation. Call Triangle Construction & Remodeling today for flooring solutions, custom homes and kitchen countertops.

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