quartz and granite countertops in Bellefonte, PA

Quartz or Granite: How to Choose the Right Countertop in Bellefonte, PA

April 15, 2021

Countertops are one of the major choices you make when remodeling your kitchen. Which is best: quartz or granite? We explain the difference to help Bellefonte, PA, homeowners choose the right countertop.


While both are stone, granite is 100% natural. Granite forms when molten rock (magma) crystallizes as it slowly cools. Miners extract it in blocks, and it’s cut into slabs.

Companies crush and combine quartz rocks with resin and other materials. The hardened mixture then forms into slabs. If an all-natural stone is essential for you when remodeling, choose granite.


Manufactured quartz includes color pigments. You can coordinate the color and patterns of quartz slabs to the other designs in your kitchen. Your countertop will have a uniform appearance, and seams will be less noticeable.

Because it contains a combination of minerals, granite exhibits a variety of colors and patterns. Each slab of granite is unique. Select granite if you prefer nature’s slight imperfections and distinguishing marks to uniformity.


Granite is heat-resistant but chips or cracks if you drop a heavy item on it. You must seal granite after installation and reseal it periodically because it’s porous. Spills stain granite if not immediately cleaned up.

Heat damages quartz, but it’s not porous, so it’s stain-resistant. Quartz is harder than granite and withstands the impact of dropped objects. If you’re not into maintenance, choose quartz.


The cost of each varies with the thickness of the slab and any shaping that’s necessary. Quartz tends to be less expensive than granite. Both are heavy, so we don’t recommend DIY installation.

Providing beauty, convenience, and value when remodeling your home is important to us. We’re recognized throughout the Bellefonte, PA, area for our high-quality and timely completion of large and small projects. Call Triangle Construction & Remodeling today for full-service residential and commercial construction services customized for you.

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